Amazing Bluetooth innovation

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One of the most innovative Ugandan in the Diaspora, Willy Mutenza, who was awarded the BBI Innovative Award (British Black Initiative) in 2009, is today enjoying the fruits of his ‘innovative brain’. He devised a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi marketing device. The “ePro Bluetooth” a  mobile marketing device, allows businesses to send adverts to mobile phones by free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth signal.

The device has now been deployed and bought by top companies like MoneyGram International, who have used the devices during the African Cup of Nations, the Metropolitan Police, churches, various events and exhibition organisers, government agencies in Africa and other small SMEs who don’t want to be left out in this digital age.

When contacted, Mr. Mutenza said “I wanted to devise the most cost effective solution that can embrace the new digital era, and which, most importantly, can help an SME to market itself to a wider market. My Bluetooth marketing solution was the answer.” Actually, the technology isn’t a new technology, but probably new to the ethnic community and SME. It is the same technology they use at airports, when you get prompted by all sorts of advertising messages to your mobile phone.

Mr. Mutenza runs an ethnic marketing agency specialising in the ethnic market outreach. The Promota provides businesses with the solution and the opportunity to utilise Bluetooth wireless connectivity. ePro bluetooth delivers the relevant content to the relevant people in the relevant places, all the time. The benefits are immense and unparalleled when compared to other forms of direct response advertising. Advertisers have the ability to deploy advertising, marketing, or messaging campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Forget flyers, posters, leaflets. Put your message in the palm of your customers’ hand. Your company can be amongst the first to embrace this technology, and join giants like Land Rover, Pepsi and Nokia who have run successful campaigns with this amazing technology. Send pictures, audio and movie clips directly to your potential customer. Ringtones, mobile games, business cards….the list is endless. Our team will guide you through the maze and tailor a package to suit your business.


“The Bluetooth Devise is another effective way to target your customers,
whether you are a multinational or SME.
I will recommend it as it is very effective for us”

Oluwaseyi M. Oke, Marketing Executive – MoneyGram International

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