Bluetooth Advertising v Traditional Advertising

Below is the 3 main traditional ways of marketing your business, we have outlined average costs associated with each of these marketing methods.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers globally are seeing their advertising revenues drop by as much as 60% in the last couple of years. This is because advertisers are finding that the response rates in the current digital age are not what they were at the turn of the millennium. The fact is we are now all becoming accustomed to shopping for the best deals online. This is changing our buying habits and we are now confronted with more choice and more variety than at any point in history. So for a traditional business advertising in the newspapers they are seeing a very low return and often make no profit from a typical quarter page advert that may cost £500 for the day. In the current economic climate this is simply not affordable for most companies.


Flyer distribution in many towns and cities is increasingly being frowned upon, councils and authorities are imposing tighter regulations and many are banning altogether, It used to be a cheap way to advertise direct to a consumers hand however we must face facts that the global warming issues are very serious. Therefore with international legislation forcing all countries to seriously reduce their carbon footprint flyer distribution is becoming a major issue. Likewise, it has been abused by companies in the past which has increased our overall immunity to reading flyers, ask yourself how many items of direct mail are delivered through your own letterbox that you do not even open? In most cases this is put immediately in the bin / garbage. As a result flyers offer a very low return on investment and most companies who provide flyer distribution services will tell clients to expect (in most cases) a 1% response rate. In short they are being legislated against, companies are even being fined for flyer distribution and the response rates have dropped from 5-8% response rate and are now down to 1% or less.

Internet Advertising

Typical pay per click costs have gone through the roof in the last 3 years. Since every business realizes that they need to be operating online competition for pay per click slots has risen and as a result the average click through can be between 20p and £1 per individual click. This means you need to have a very good conversion rate on your sales page because it can become extremely expensive to pay for traffic. We are experts in online marketing because our sister company iReally has developed many unique systems for driving traffic that do not involve expensive pay per click campaigns. However the vast majority of companies are still using the traditional pay per click routes and at £1 per visitor this can very quickly cost a company a small fortune.

Ad-pods Bluetooth Advertising

With traditional advertising you have no control over changing the message. If you post a newspaper ad or run a flyer campaign if the copy does not convert and gets a poor response you have no refund. The beauty of an ad-pod is you can chop and change your advert anytime you like. It can be used in multiple environments to target different demographic groups of people. Just like with flyers you are connecting directly with the consumer and communicating with them in their pocket via their phone. The Ad-pod is a one-time purchase allowing you the ability to send an unlimited number of marketing messages for free. It will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and will ultimately drive more visitors to your store or website.