Send by Flutterwave at The Grand XMAS BALL and 'Mother-in-Law Wahala' Screening in London

Celebrating Culture and Community:

Send by Flutterwave proudly supported the year-end festivities at the esteemed Concorde House in London, featuring The Grand XMAS BALL and an exclusive screening of "Mother-in-Law Wahala."

In this film, the audience is graced by the performance of the esteemed Diaspora Nigerian actress Hrh Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, renowned for her diverse roles in acting, beauty pageant organizing, activism, charity work, publicity, promotion, and film production.

"Mother-in-Law Wahala" centers on OGE, a young woman who faces challenges in asserting her place in her marital home, overshadowed by her controlling and possessive mother-in-law. This complex dynamic creates a rift, as her husband struggles to maintain respect for his mother while supporting his wife.

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