Digital Influencer (WORLDREMIT)

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that helps migrants from developing countries working in developed countries to send money to friends and family through its mobile app and web service.

This London-headquartered scale-up is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK.

We have been working with the company since 2015 as a full time marketing agency. Our job is to help them with all their marketing activation in UK, Nordic, Germany and Uganda.


Despite being less convenient for the sender and generally worse value for money, many migrants prefer to use Offline money transfer instead of Online to send money home. WorldRemit wnted to change that by raising awareness of its  service benefits with receivers, so they will encourage their sender to use WorldRemit to send them money.

The task was to use social influencers, to make the WorldRemit brand seem more relevant and trusted ‘a brand for me’ – reassuring influencers followers that WorldRemit is a brand that is safe to use.


  • Created shareable content relevant to senders and receivers packaged in different ways for social media (Facebook + others).
  • Targeted and engaged over 150k social influencers fans
  • Filmed and created over 30 clips to promote among others Arsenal speedstars, WorldRemit campaign
  • Created and posted positive posts promoting WR products and services
  • Interviewed and vlogged celebrities and other influencers on how easy it is to send money via Instagram / YT / FB and if possible mentions on her TV shows.
  • Done a Weekly posting of WorldRemit content based on theme and guidance from WorldRemit.
  • Posted video recording per week enlightening viewers, fans on how to use and the various options of receiving money.
  • Celebrity endorsement