Engaging Ugandans in UK


Ugandans in the Diaspora are estimated to be over 160,000 in the UK. The challenge there was no platform and media to engage this fast growing community. In partnership with the government and other government institutions, it was agreed that in order to mobilise Ugandan Diasporas who include Ugandan Asians, a need to establish an annual event that will invite business leaders, government officials from UK and Uganda to present opportunities and ease on doing business in Uganda.


  • Support Ugandan and UK businesses in bilateral trade, business and investment
  • Create a platform for trade, business and investment between Uganda and Europe (UK) and promote and facilitate access to trade opportunities in Uganda (East Africa) for Ugandan and European (UK) investors, including one-to-one meetings
  • Maintain a dialogue with business organisations who can promote trade opportunities in Uganda, including the Federation of Small Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, the Institute of Directors, the Confederation of British Industry and the City of London;
  • Promote Ugandan exports and identify export opportunities, so that the export earnings close the gap with the import demand and promote the transformation of Uganda from a current consuming nation into a producing nation. To this end, engage in close communication with the Ministry of Finance and Investment Authority in Uganda for advice and information.

Encourage investments in the key sectors, i.e. education, health, housing, sports, tourism and many more

Exhibit and celebrate the rich diversity of their cultural heritage and encourage Ugandans to be more active as ambassadors for Uganda’s culture – food, clothes, social life etc


Some of the achievements and impact of the Convention since its inception in 2010.

  1. So far over 7421 delegates have attended the Convention; more than 90 Ugandans relocated to Uganda, 57 companies from Uganda have showcased their services and 67 UK companies including SME by Diaspora have also exhibited at the Conventions.
  2.  We have on record over 9 companies in the process of investing or have invested in Uganda, for example Signature Group which signed an MOU with the government to build over 10,000 homes for the police.
  3. Some of the charitable achievements include 2 tractors donated by a delegate at the 3rd Convention to the First Lady, and money donated by the Nagrecha’s to refurbish a primary school in Ntugamo, over 50 disadvantaged disabled students benefiting from the Convention.
  4. Recently at the Health Forum inspired and co-founded by the Convention Lord Popat donated $100,000 towards a hospital in Busore-Busoga.