Email Campaign

Email Marketing Services

It is one of the most powerful, cost-effective methods of direct marketing available today. An email marketing campaign allows you to promote your product or service to thousands of potential customers quickly and easily.  Not only is email marketing considerably faster and cheaper than using postal services, it also makes it easy to exclusively target the specific customers or groups you are trying to sell to.
Sending your message directly to your target audience can deliver an excellent return on investment, compared to traditional advertising methods. Our role is to make the process of reaching your audience simpler. Following a discussion with you on the profile of your potential customers we will recommend how best to target these prospects.

Marketing Databases

We have access to ethnic databases in the UK containing contact details of:

  • The Diasporas and Local companies who are likely to be interested in using your product  Local, national and international consumers who have expressed an interest in your product or have subscribed to magazines or websites relating to your product or industry. All of these contacts have opted in to receive marketing messages.
  • We can also partner with door-drop companies to implement a leaflet campaign in an indetified locality.

Campaign planning

We can recommend whether a direct mail, email or leaflet campaign would best suit your needs, as well as plan and implement a targeted campaign to potential customers on behalf of your business.

Design and production

Our designers can design the email or direct mail pack while our copywriters produce sales copy that will generate a response.

Implement the campaign

We can manage all the print and mailing aspects of the direct mail pack, ensuring that you benefit from low print prices. Or if you choose an email campaign we can manage and send the emails for you. If you want to conduct a leaflet campaign, we can liaise with the door-drop company. This greatly simplifies the whole process for you.