Ethnic Market Research


Successful market research involves gathering key consumer motivational data that could enable you to develop effective marketing strategies for your business. Conducting a successful market research in any ethnic market is however more complex and involves additional factors like language, interpretation and cultural sensitivity. Surveys and questionnaires done in-language, in-culture and in-tune with the social values of the community and conducted by their local community members have higher response rates then those done in mainstream versions.


Our multicultural market research team designs questionnaires and surveys in over 30 languages and conducts Interviews on-site at community events, store locations and community clusters. We also conduct focus group sessions among ethnic groups to gather valuable product or service insights from consumers. Our team will understand your specific market research needs and help you gather intelligent data, market knowledge, product insights and competitive intelligence for better strategizing and positioning your offering in the ethnic market.


The spending power of Ethnic Minorities in the UK


of Ethnic Minorities feel UK media has little or no relevance to them

1 IN 6

People living in the UK are from an Ethnic Minority

What Are You Missing Out On?

Marketers must research ethnic consumers in order to capitalise on the increase in their spending power. The growth of ethnic communities and their levels of income is not going to come to an end, it will only expand. This means, if you are not properly targeting or taking time to understand these groups, you are leaving a lot of revenue and market share on the table for more savvy competitors to snap up.

Whether your products or services are specifically created for an ethnic group or not, it is unintelligent and ineffective to try to target the general population. Statistics show that clever, research-backed marketing can make the difference between a struggling business and a smart, innovative and successful one.