FAQ – Bluetooth Mobile Advertising Campaign

  • Will the recipient receive a message every time they come into range?
    No. Whether your message is accepted or rejected, your system remembers that device and will not offer the same message again.
  • Do I need people’s phone numbers to send them a Bluetooth advert?
    No, please don’t confuse Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with SMS and MMS. Bluetooth detects devices in its range, but recipients to need to have their Bluetooth switched on in order to receive your message.
  • Is sending messages by Bluetooth SPAM?
    No. It is completely permission based.
  • Is Bluetooth advertising legal?
    Yes, as it is permission based, the recipient needs to accept your message in order to receive it.
  • Does it cost anything to send a Bluetooth message?
    Not a penny! The Bluetooth messages themselves are free to send and free for the recipient to receive. You simply pay a one-off payment to own the product and there is nothing to pay ever again.
  • Do I need to let people know to switch their Bluetooth on?
    We think that this is a good idea! If someone is interested in your business they would want to know how to obtain more information.
  • Is Bluetooth marketing used just for advertising?
    No. If you purchase a pod or dongle you can use it to broadcast calendar reminders (vcal), business cards, java games to let people know about your business events etc.