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FIRST TIME ON THE MARKET: The Black Pound Report

by Lydia Amoah

The Black Pound Report is a great example of how Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people are more than just a stereotype in the advertising industry.

This is a very important piece of research as it highlights an important and rarely reported part of the advertising industry.

The report offers robust evidence that the spending power of the BAME community has been extremely underrated, and UK industries are missing out on revenue from these consumers by failing to represent and target them in the right way.

The Black Pound report provides insights into new markets to help industries become more inclusive and recognise the importance of authentic communication and representation. The Black Pound Report dispels the myths and communicates the value of multicultural consumers who are growing at a fast pace and gaining more influence.

What is included:

Full Report [PDF version] that explores cultural positioning, unconscious behaviour towards communities and solutions

Infographic Summary of the Report

Complimentary 15 minutes consultation with Lydia Amoah


Buy The Black Pound Report


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