How video is driving marketing growth for businesses post Covid-19

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, content consumption metrics by the masses has skyrocketed. Video is one of the most preferred content types that has witnessed a huge surge in demand. Moreover, studies have shown that by 2022, some 82% of all the content created will be constituted of videos.

The incorporation of engaging video strategies and the constant rallying of video marketing by brands has pushed the overall marketing ecosystem.

A number of digital events, namely Microsoft Biz Apps Summit and IBM’s Think 2020, incorporated a lot of videos. The incorporation of videos in these events had made their content easy to consume.

As trends dictate, consumers are increasingly looking for good quality content that has the ability to quench their informational thirst. They are locked in their homes, a seemingly comfortable place for consumers where they can watch whatever content they want, whenever they want.

Brands and businesses are emphasising the power of digital content, and some are even looking to substitute face-to-face interactions by leveraging digital means.

In the times of this Covid-19 pandemic, the video has surely emerged as a perfect medium to facilitate customer engagement, retention, and communication.

In this post, we will be looking at a few ways through which video can be incorporated in your marketing campaign to enhance marketing growth post-Covid-19.

Video Marketing Strategy: Key Points

If you don’t want your video marketing strategy to fall flat on the face of your consumers, it’s crucial that you keep a few things in mind. Aside from this, consumers want to associate themselves with genuine brands and the ones that command authority in their space.

In the uncertainty surrounding the marketing world, brands need to think out of the box and implement innovative ideas in their marketing strategies to cut through the noise and make their voice heard by the consumer.

We will now be talking about a few key areas that you need to keep in mind if you desire a meaningful impact of videos on your marketing growth. Let’s start.

1. Assign a proper goal to your video marketing strategy

There is no point in moving forward with your video marketing strategies if there is no proper goal attached to it. Studies have shown that brands that even adopted well-spent video marketing strategies abandoned their efforts midway due to the lack of a clear-cut goal.

The first thing that you should consider before hopping on an online movie maker to create videos for your video marketing strategy is establishing a goal that you would like to achieve through your videos. It is only through this that you can focus on your marketing strategy by focusing your efforts precisely.

Do you want your videos to generate engagement for your brand? Or, do you want to facilitate customer retention? The goal must be crystal clear about what your video marketing strategy needs to achieve, and only then you must move forward with creating your videos.

2. Be genuine in your approach

Authenticity goes a long way in ensuring customer retention and attracting new prospects. The videos that your brand puts out act as the voice of your brand, and this voice needs to be genuine.

Gone are the days where businesses could steal an idea (or even content) from their peers and put it out for their promotion.

With the digital-savvy modern customer, having an authentic voice can keep your brand name lingering in their minds. If you are looking to establish thought leadership from your videos, then an authentic approach is the one and only way to move forward.

Moreover, if your customers find you genuine, they are more likely to share your videos and even help you in the word of mouth publicity.

3. Emphasise on mobile devices

A 2018 survey revealed that an average person in the United States reaches out for their phone on an average of 79 times every day.

Even during this lockdown period, when users have their laptops or PC’s within reach 24 hours of the day, choose mobile devices for staying updated with the latest trends, news of watching YouTube videos.

With that said, mobile devices have emerged as the greatest means through which customers consume media, and it is up to you to ensure whether the video content that you send out is optimized for mobile devices.

Owing to its integration with Google search, YouTube is the top preference for brands to upload their marketing videos.

You can deploy a video ad maker that can help you in creating marketing videos tailored for multiple platforms, including mobile phones.

Additionally, optimizing videos has an enormous proposition on the reach, impact, and the viewership of your videos.

 4. Set up a budget

Video marketing has long term benefits and may not result in immediate sales enhancement. Even though the benefits of a well-defined video marketing strategy are many, but as a business, you need to keep in mind the budget constraints.

It may not be wise to spend thousands of dollars in setting up a studio, only to find that now you don’t have funds to cover other marketing expenses. Hence, it is recommended that you invest in video marketing slowly, gradually, and smartly.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is here to stay. Reports suggest that just by the end of 2020, an average person would be watching about 100 minutes of videos every day. If you fall short on inspiration, simply look around. Look at the videos that became viral and analyse their idea implementation.

In the times of this pandemic, people are looking for support and accurate information. If you succeed in delivering these two aspects through your videos, it is certain that your brand will bolster its marketing growth once CovidOVID-19 subsides.

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