We are always on the look out for talent to join our team of ambassadors to work on campaigns across the UK, Nordic, Germany and Scotland.

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You’re on your way!

Entering your details above is the first step towards receiving offers for waiting, bartending or back-of-house shifts straight to your phone, here’s what happens next:

Meet the team

If you’ve got the right skills and experience, we’ll invite you to book a time to come in and verify your right to work.

Book plenty of shifts – instantly!

We like to get successful candidates booked into shifts straight away, so you can start working as soon as your profile is activated. Once your profile is active, you can download the app to apply for or instantly claim all the shifts you want!

Work WHEN and WHERE you want

ThePromotaAfrica has plenty of field work, brand ambassadors, event staff and street leafleting.  So you can choose where you work from a stream of offers delivered straight to your phone.