Overseas client: JOMAYI Property Consultants

JOMAYI is the the largest Real Estate Developers and Managers in Uganda.

Target audience: Ugandans in UK Objective: To raise the profile of JOMAYI in the Diaspora.

Strategy: We devised a marketing strategy by our skilled team.  Implementation: We organised an extensive advertising campaign using the following avenues:

  • Flyers and Leaflets:
  • Mailing Lists:
  • Clubs screen advert: About 3000 Ugandans go through these clubs every week, which is a good target for exposure.
  • Churches: Churches are major meeting points for Ugandans.
  • Cultural Groups: Ugandan sub-communities in the UK use cultural groups like the Acholi Association, the Iteso Development Association, and The Baganda etc. as vehicles for social cohesion in the diaspora.
  • Events: Sponsoring various events


  1. We helped JOMAYI get one step ahead through re-branding and rejuvenation of their image and business ethos.
  2. Coordinating all JOMAYI activities in UK, that includes from proving adverts and all activities for brand awareness.
  3. Look after all JOMAYI interests in UK according to terms and conditions agreed with JOMAYI
  4. Raise awareness of the efficiency of Jomayi’s services in the community
  5. Raise the profile of JOMAYI as a trustworthy and reliable service provider for property  development
  6. Carry out a marketing campaign targeting Ugandan sub-communities in the UK in a manner meant to both raise awareness of the efficiency and quality of Jomayi’s services and products as well as to raising the profile of the JOMAYI brand.
  7. A sustained advertisement in the community.
  8. An ultimately ambassador for JOMAYI brand in UK/Europe. This is an advantage for JOMAYI to my reputation and good image within the diaspora community.