Promota Media CEO recieves African Night-Commonwealth award for entrepreneurial and innovative business.

Africa was celebrated in many ways this year . Not one month goes by in which our African roots are not commemorated, sung about or given recognition .

Of course, many the world over would agree that the biggest celebration has to be for the election of Barrack Obama to the US presidency. What a giant step forward this choice has made towards a more global unity. Indeed, many age old barriers collapsed on the eve of Obama’s victory.

On a smaller scale, we can emulate this victory in our own communities, by encouraging and supporting each other regardless of race, colour and tribal origin. No one can make it alone in this world. Obama only attained success because millions supported him. And our own personal success also depends on the input of many others. So, like Obama, let us extend our hands and willingness towards one another and reach the top together.

On this note of unity, I feel humbled and honoured that our magazine The Promota received an award at the UCCA earlier this year, in Communications and Media. This award, in truth, belongs to every one of you, the contributors, advertisers and readers. You are all a crucial part of the success of The Promota and for this I and my team want to thank you wholeheartedly.

Only a few days ago, I also received the African Night-Commonwealth award for entrepreneurial and innovative business. Again, this award I wish to share with everyone in my life, personally and professionally, as my commitment to all of you has been my drive and inspiration to better myself, to fulfil my potential, but most importantly, to help the African community thrive for the top as well.

Lastly, The Promota team would like to wish you a very happy Season and much success in the New Year.


Willy Mutenza
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