We were delighted to serve as representatives for Send at the prestigious 2023 networking event, which caters to career professionals in the UK BME community. A captivating evening brimming with amusement, delectable cuisine, melodic tunes, engaging activities, and unexpected delights.


The programme is presented by Morenike Ajayi, a highly accomplished career professional, author, speaker, career counsellor, and TV show presenter who has received several awards.

One aspect that I have admired about our customer, Send by Flutterwave, is its commitment to fostering community harmony, fairness, and cultural variety via its sponsorships and community involvement.


Send by Flutterwave enables effortless and immediate international money transfers to recipients in many countries, including transfer alternatives to local bank accounts, mobile money wallets, and cash pick-up places.


To get further details, please visit the Send website at https://send.flutterwave.com or alternatively, you may download the app and use Send at https://qrco.de/send.