What are the benefits of Bluetooth marketing?

Compared with traditional advertising media, Bluetooth advertising has the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Free Advertising
  • 24x7x365 information delivery with very little operator intervention required.
  • Information transfer will not be any interference with telecom operators
  • Information directly to the customer’s personal mobile device
  • Users have the right to decide whether to accept the information and this make it legal to demploy it anywhere
  • Sent a variety of file formats (animated gif, mp3, games, Java applications, ring tones, business cards)
  • Advertising content easily understood by customers
  • Can be installed in any place you want to display information
  • Information can be saved for future to see when needed
  • You can fully control the entire marketing process, and can easily make changes to your ad content and plans.
  • Bluetooth Marketing is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste; you are simply transferring rich multimedia digital flyers direct to people’s phones. Many local authorities are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental reasons.
  • A lot of your target customers, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and over 90% of all have Bluetooth-enabled mobile.
  • Far more cost effective than Newspaper, Radio and Directory Advertising
  • Has no hidden fees or ongoing costs only a fixed cost
  • Measurability you will know how many customers accepted which of your ads, which rejected the ad content. Any other advertising method can only be estimated.