WORLDREMIT: Uganda Outdoor and Partners Branding

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that helps migrants from developing countries working in developed countries to send money to friends and family through its mobile app and web service.

We have been working with the company since 2015 as a full time marketing agency. Our job is to help them with all their marketing activation in UK, Nordic, Germany and Uganda.

WORLDREMIT: Uganda Outdoor and Partners Branding

WorldRemit wanted to have a permanent visibility at its partners outlets in Uganda. The brand program consisted of more than 10 WorldRemit partners in Uganda.

  • Our task was to brand over 60 outlets in Kampala
  • Work with partners for a co-marketing experiential engagement campaign
  • Educate the audience about the benefits of receiving
  • Promoting various WorldRemit products
  • PERMANENT VISIBILITY. Branding partners and deploying billboards at various strategic locations in Kampala building a permanent brand visibility in partners outlets.
  • PARTNER CO-PROMOTIONS. Co-branded promotions with WorldRemit partners targeting consumers in various promos.
  • BRAND AWARENESS – Creating brand awareness within the receiving audiences
  • The branding proved a huge success – the enhanced branding increased footfall and provided a significant Return on Investment. It has since been introduced to other countries, including Kenya, Tanzanian, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Philippines, Nigeria and many others.
  • We were able to quickly and seamlessly brand the growing WR network by using our local knowledge and resources, backed by the collective knowledge our local branding experts.
  • 12 months sustainable promotion focusing on brand awareness, field promotion, radio, print and TV advertising in Kampala and major towns.
  • Branded over 100 partners locations.

A reliable Service!

Willy Mutenza and his team have supported WorldRemit over several years with that relationship expanding over time from some ad hoc support into a fully fledged partnership which it is today. Through his agency Promota, Willy has been invaluable in supporting the growth of the WorldRemit brand with grass roots events, community engagement and larger mainstream events across the UK. We’ve been delighted with the consistency, ownership and professionalism of Willy and his team and the way in which they have become a de-facto part of the internal team. The biggest compliment I can give Willy & his team is that when we agree an activity we relax, because we’re sure of the execution.

Martin Best
Head of Marketing (EMEA) and Partnership Marketing, WorldRemit (2019)


We are proud to say that we have been working with WorldRemit since 2015 as an exclusive consultant responsible for market activations in UK, Uganda and Europe. This also includes partnership acquisitions in Tanzania and Uganda.